Bringing Value Throughout the Site Lifecycle

Pre-Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC) stage

Early Solar Spy integration ensures live detection of issues, reducing commissioning losses by up to 10%.

Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) stage

A detailed audit using critical performance indicators to ensure a smooth completion of the commissioning process benefitting both investor and EPC.

Constant Monitoring

Enables ongoing automated monitoring and diagnostics with quantified production impact per detected inefficiency or defect, leading to a net production increase of 1-3% and reduced expenses.

Aerial Inspections

Uses AI to analyze aerial thermal and RGB imagery, pinpointing and categorizing unseen module defects, and estimating impact on production for cost-effective repair strategies.

Warranty Claims

Provides inspection reports that meet international standards, offering clear defect identification to support warranty claims effectively.

Site Sale or Purchase

Keeps a comprehensive record of system health and maintenance activities, offering valuable insights for transactions with thorough documentation and complete data.