Your PV Copilot for Complete
Lifecycle Management

Revolutionize solar farm management with PV Copilot’s comprehensive suite of tools for investors, asset managers, O&M providers, and EPCs.

Harness advanced diagnostics and continuous monitoring to ensure peak operational efficiency from the start.

Hi John,

Zero energy production detected at Green Energy Park for 30 minutes.

Estimated loss exceeds 3 MWh. Immediate inspection required.

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Drive Automated Diagnostics with AI

Centralize to a Single
Source of Truth

Get new depth of insights, by unifying your solar portfolio’s data and analytics into a single source of truth.
Integrate data from inverters, online and site weather stations, PLCs, HMIs and SCADA systems.

Precision Drone Inspections with AI-Powered Analytics

Leverage Solar Spy’s AI to identify cell-level anomalies and defects through integrated thermal and RGB imaging.

Benefit From a Physics-Based
Digital Twin

Gain precise insights into site underperformance with our digital twin technology that automatically detects losses and assesses their impact on current and future production.

Bringing Value Throughout the Site Lifecycle

Pre-Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC) stage

Early Solar Spy integration ensures live detection of issues, reducing commissioning losses by up to 10%.

Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) stage

A detailed audit using critical performance indicators to ensure a smooth completion of the commissioning process benefitting both investor and EPC.

Constant Monitoring

Enables ongoing automated monitoring and diagnostics with quantified production impact per detected inefficiency or defect, leading to a net production increase of 1-3% and reduced expenses.

Aerial Inspections

Uses AI to analyze aerial thermal and RGB imagery, pinpointing and categorizing unseen module defects, and estimating impact on production for cost-effective repair strategies.

Warranty Claims

Provides inspection reports that meet international standards, offering clear defect identification to support warranty claims effectively.

Site Sale or Purchase

Keeps a comprehensive record of system health and maintenance activities, offering valuable insights for transactions with thorough documentation and complete data.