Checklist for Choosing the Right Thermographic PV Inspection Partner

Selecting a professional partner for thermographic inspections of PV installations from the air is crucial to ensure the safety, performance, and optimization of maintenance costs.

To help PV installation owners, Asset Management companies, and O&M companies make an informed decision, we’ve created a comprehensive checklist based on the latest European standards, best practices, and our own experience as aerial thermographic inspection experts.


Key Points:

  • Compliance with local regulations and European standards, including IEC TS 62456-3:2017.
  • Adherence to best practices recommended by Solar Power Europe, the most recognized European association.
  • A thorough inspection process that covers every aspect, from equipment selection to data analysis.
  • Assessment of the impact of anomalies on energy production to help optimize system performance.
  • Reliable, accurate, and comprehensive reporting of inspection results.


Our comprehensive checklist is designed to help you confidently select a professional partner for thermographic inspections of your PV installation. By following the guidelines provided, you can ensure that your chosen service provider delivers high-quality results, allowing you to maintain peak efficiency and performance while optimizing maintenance costs. Download the checklist today and take the first step toward a better-performing and safer PV installation.

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