A complete overview of your solar farm’s operations and performance

Get detailed production reports with insights, exact defect recognition,

and accurate automated forecasts with Solar Spy.

Our analytics platform, powered by AI and ML, takes all PV operations to the next level.

Our Services

Meet Solar Spy’s three innovative solutions:


Accurate energy production assessment 


Get a complete view of the power plant’s efficiency and see how specific anomalies impact stability.   

Monitor actual production with the planned budget.


Take proper preventative strategies by supervising the farm’s performance.  


Reliable forecasts to better manage operations

Get accurate energy forecasts and ensure the highest efficiency of your production.  


Profit from predictions that can be for 1-3 days or range up to 9 days ahead. 


Save time and resources with SOGL reports that can be automatically shared with operators


Fast and precise defect detection   


Exactly locate, classify, and identify defects and malfunctions to know which ones are most critical and how they impact production.   

Better plan maintenance work to reduce O&M costs.   


Use the insights to extend the installation’s lifespan and prevent further degradation.   

Unique Value Proposition

Empower your solar assets with our innovative and holistic solutions for bigger and better ROI and improved management of O&M personnel.

Gains for the Investor:

Maximize the energy production of your PV farms and therefore the return from your investment by limiting the number of non-performing units to the very minimum. Take full advantage of AI-powered prediction models to boost the long-time performance of your assets. Make your business even more eco-friendly and CSR-compliant by reducing energy waste and CO2 emissions.

Gains for Operation & Maintenance:

Limit costs & waste thanks to the unmatched precision of malfunction detection, identification, and localization. Manage FTEs and personnel to get the most from your team: no more overqualified people sent to minor malfunctions or plant overgrowth. Improve the logistics of your troubleshooting processes and gain technology-driven market advantage over your competitors.

Gains for Both Parties:

No complex implementation needed. Solar Spy gives a complete overview of what is happening with your installation. Get your reports and updates online anytime, anywhere, and as often as you want. Enjoy a new level of control over the assets and maintenance processes. Cut all wasteful costs related to PV-farm operations and maintenance significantly.

How it Works

Try our flexible and seamless process.


We collect the aerial inspection data

Our certified pilots will take care of the inspection.


We upload the data to the platform

The data is analyzed by our experts with the help of AI.


Download your PDF report

We provide the data analyses and expert verifications in under 1 week.


Access your interactive reports

The history of your inspections is stored on the platform, in the form of clickable reports with detailed inspection analyses.

Solar Spy is a holder of the Solar Aerial Thermography Best Practices Mark,

a label promoting transparency and excellence in solar services. Visit

solarbestpractices.com to learn more

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Typical Malfunctions

Here are some typical malfunctions that you can easily troubleshoot with Solar Spy.

Analyze Energy Production

Solar Spy provides energy production analyses and shows the impacts of detected anomalies. Our models calculate overall performance of the installation, as well as the effects of single anomalies on energy production.


Our platform uses historical solar irradiation data for the specific geographical location of the PV installation. We run energy production simulations using a digital representation of the farm – created based on the delivered technical specifications.

Annual Production

0,7 MW, kWh/month


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