Our Goal is to Help Maximize Solar Energy Production

Solar Spy founder and CEO shares his take on how AI tech is revolutionizing the green energy sector to bring more affordable and more efficient PV installations. 

Lukasz Korneluk, CEO and founder of Solar Spy

As a team, we have always wanted to contribute to the green transformation’s acceleration. So, from the very start of Solar Spy’s operations, our goal is to help maximize solar energy production. And at the same time to reduce O&M costs of PV installations.

This is what keeps us going. And without a doubt, we will continue to develop the best software possible to support the solar industry.

Solar Power is the Future

We know as a fact, that the future is more than bright for solar, its excellent. And with all the technological advancements- we can be sure that there is no turning back to fossil fuels.

Solar installation costs are falling, and advanced solutions are becoming more and more available. All we need to do now is to build on that and increase the efficiency of solar farms even more. Thus, with lower maintenance costs, solar investments will become more profitable and therefore more attractive to new investors.

Naturally, there will be some bumps and obstacles along the way. Like the ripple in the US, caused by component tariff investigations. But still, we can expect continued growth and development. Top-notch software products are surely going to be a huge part of that.

In Poland alone, solar investments have exceeded expectations, with a 56% growth compared to 2020. (Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2022 – 2026)

But making these investments doesn’t always go hand in hand with increasing knowledge. Generally, it is not always obvious how to effectively support these PV systems. Furthermore, each solar installation has its own individual specifications. Many different types have been built, and in various locations, over the past years.

Tackling Solar Installation Challenges

We see many types of panels, modules… But in general, these PV farms, they all face the same challenges. This is why we developed Solar Spy. Our innovative analytics platform streamlines solar operations with the use of AI technology.

Solar Spy started off as an extension of other software products that were utilizing ML to measure people’s temperature remotely. It quickly became clear that AI and thermal imaging can be applied in other areas, like to provide valuable insights when performing PV farm inspections.

When we realized how much information we could get from the thermal imaging technology, we knew this would be big. Solar Spy was born.

Solar Spy began with drone inspections to help find defects in the farms’ modules. There are so many possible malfunctions that can happen on a solar farm like:

delamination, substrings, hotspots, broken cells, disconnected strings and many more.

Even plant overgrowth can be a real issue impacting energy production. The Solar Spy software, combined with data from the installation and all the drone images, can automatically find nearly all the defects. They are then classified and located precisely, down to the very cells of the modules. Our advanced QC procedures allow the detection process to be very accurate. But what is most important, users get calculations on the energy loss – resulting from each specific defect. This is a revolutionary feature that allows to better understand how these malfunctions impact the given plant’s solar operations. Now managers can schedule repairs accordingly, and decide if a warranty claim needs to be opened.

We look for a correlation between the image and the generated loss. Our algorithms can precisely determine the loss, so this gives us the advantage. There is no need to go to the farm and make any additional manual measurements. You can take our report and decide whether you want to address a given issue immediately or later. So, the actions can be most business effective. You can even disclose our report as part of a warranty return or when reporting any defects. As a result, with these insights, it’s easier to manage the entire farm and its personnel.

Solar Spy uses thermal imaging to gain insights into how the farm is working and to locate any defects.
Solar Spy uses thermal imaging to gain insights into how the farm is working and to locate any defects.

Solar Spy Kept Developing and Enhancing the Platform

We started thinking about it as a more universal tool. We wanted it to analyze efficiency, help with energy production, and even prevent future degradation. Thanks to incorporating so many different data sources (weather forecasts, global satellite models, drone inspection data, production stats etc.) and with the use of AI technology; we can deliver top insights and features to our clients.

Now, Solar Spy has become one complete system. It’s dedicated to providing insights and helping to understand inefficiencies in the entire PV installation. It has three innovative solutions called Performance, Forecasting, and Maintenance that work together to address their main objectives:

  • Maximize the performance of solar installations
  • Reduce O&M costs to minimum
  • Create reliable energy production forecasts
  • Provide prescriptions and predictive maintenance to extend PV lifetimes

We’d like to invite asset owners and managers to get in touch with us. Together, we can further develop the platform.

Visit our website to learn more about Solar Spy and how we can help increase your power production.