More Accurate Energy Predictions Mean Real Savings

Find out how Solar Spy’s Forecasting service can help optimize solar operations. See how easy it is to reduce costs with high quality and reliable energy production forecasts.

Why are Energy Predictions so Important?

Solar energy investments are becoming more and more prevalent worldwide, both for residential and for industrial use. Having many desirable qualities, solar also comes with its challenges.

Currently, one of the most pressing obstacles for utility-scale installations is accurate forecasting. Solar power is intermittent and so the energy produced is variable. Moreover, this type of renewable energy production is highly dependent on changing weather conditions. And these encompass both cloud coverage and solar irradiance – factors that can be very difficult to predict.

Additionally, investors need to comply with the rules of national energy balancing systems. This is not an easy task as solar energy storage is still unavailable. Consequently, the amount of energy produced must be equal to the energy consumed by consumers in each unit of time. The TSO (Transmission System Operator) is responsible for balancing the system by administering the balancing market. Therefore, in order to lower the balancing costs, solar energy producers need to deliver accurate forecasts.

Solar Spy’s Forecasting Service

To help tackle these prediction challenges, Solar Spy has developed an all-new service called Forecasting.

Forecasting delivers highly accurate energy forecasts specifically for solar installations. The service generates:

  • Short term predictions for 1 – 3 days,
  • Midterm predictions that can range up to 10 days ahead.

Moreover, Solar Spy’s Forecasting is equipped with an automation tool. This allows the data to be sent directly to the energy operator.

How it Works

To be able to accurately predict energy production, we have integrated the most reliable forecast models like ECMWF and GFS. We use AI algorithms that adjust the input data accordingly for specific locations. In addition, the system uses multiple data points and takes into account historical irradiance data for the specific location. With all the above features combined, the result is a powerful and truly reliable predictive engine.


  1. We receive the farm’s exact location and all its technical specifications.
  2. We integrate weather forecasts for the farm’s location. Our proprietary artificial intelligence model analyzes all the data and generates energy production forecasts.
  3. A specially developed algorithm transforms the data from the model into ready reports. Next, these can be automatically sent to the indicated email address or transferred via API directly to the operators.

The Benefits of Using Solar Spy’s Forecasting Service:

  • Maximized returns by allowing to accurately predict solar energy production.
  • Lowered risk of the installation being disconnected.
  • Reliable energy production reports – that can be automatically shared with operators.

Therefore, Solar Spy’s technology is the key to smooth and efficient integration with local and international power grids (and energy auction markets). With AI and ML at the forefront, solar farms can precisely predict their power production in advance.


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