How to Fully Benefit from Photovoltaic Farms

Get more energy out of your solar installation

The green revolution in the energy sector is picking up the pace. With its dynamic development and great potential, it can be inspiring for many investors. Wanting to support the energy transformation in an innovative and comprehensive way, Pragmile created the Solar Spy platform. What goals can it help with and who can benefit the most from implementing it? Let’s find out.

Complete Support and Services

Every solar installation that generates electricity requires constant supervision and systematic data transfers. Solar Spy offers fully automated and integrated solutions, that bring valuable insights. Now, PV farm owners can effectively manage their entire systems and complete all the necessary requirements related to their operations. Moreover, Solar Spy is a very flexible platform with huge potential for both investors and managers.

The Advantages that Solar Spy Solutions Bring to Photovoltaic Farms

Solar Spy is an analytical platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to support effective management of PV investments. Specifically, it ensures:

  • Air inspection insights (Maintenance)
  • Performance analysis with an overview of all the inefficiencies’ impacts (Performance)
  • Reliable energy production forecasts (Forecasting)

How is Solar Spy Different?

Solar Spy’s automation and advanced visualization tools facilitate smooth data collection and analysis. Furthermore, we use hight-tech drones to provide accurate thermal pictures, enhanced by optical images. These are later processed by the platform to create insightful visualizations for the end user. Our proprietary artificial intelligence model, based on self-learning algorithms, automatically adjust the forecasts to current weather conditions. These analyses are presented not only in the form of standard photos, but also as thermal orthophoto-maps. This way users can see the exact defect locations and specifications.

Only Solar Spy compares ongoing production with what is estimated for a given installation. Then you can see how those results relate to the predicted performance in a given timeframe. What’s more, you can even get energy forecasts on production for the next 10 days. Equally important, you won’t need to worry any more about the obligations to send forecast reports to your transmission operators. Solar Spy automatically generates and sends the data in a format that is compliant with the operator’s specifications.

Therefore, the Solar Spy platform is a well-designed solution that guarantees enhanced use of solar resources. Its the top solution that brings more efficient farm operations, and full compliance with network operator requirements.

Having a complete platform to monitor your PV farm

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • And ensures safe and reliable operations

of the entire photovoltaic installation.

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